Bathroom Installation

Renovate Your Bathroom With Money Smart Saving Tips

Tips for Spending Less on Bathroom Renovations


Bathroom renovations are often a great idea if not only just for bringing in a new look into the home, but also adding value to the property. Bathrooms have a very strong effect on property prices and with a suitable design you can often secure a quick sale. When renovating a home, one key aspect for any property owner is cost. There are however some ways in which you can limit the costs involved. The first is to always have a professional do the work and source the materials. When you hire bathroom fitters, you often get a chance to sit down and discuss the design you want executed. They can not only advice you on what bathroom trends are most popular currently, they can also give you lower estimates on the materials needed, than if you go the local hardware yourself. These professionals are able to source for materials like sinks and tiles at much lower than retail costs.

Another way to save is to be creative in your changes. Cabinets are an area many property owners feel like they need to update. You however do not need to take down the entire cabinet. You can simply reface them by replacing just the doors and knobs. This will save a ton of cash and result in much less debris to get rid of. If retiling, then opt to create focal area where you use more detailed and expensive tiles and set the rest a plain background tiles that are cheaper. This strategy is more affordable than investing in all the tiles being detailed.

Also do not rush to introduce his and hers sections in the bathroom. Many couples rarely use the sink at the same time and opting for a high quality single sink can be a better choice. It also allows for more counter space which is extra storage for bathroom items. Finally, do some comparison shopping. If you feel the estimate you are being given is too high, get more quotes from other reputable bathroom fitters and pick the one with the best estimate but still a good reputation. 

Giving Your Bathroom a Whole New Look


One of the most versatile rooms in the home has to be the bathroom. There are so many ways in which a property owner can change the look of the room without even having to put in too much effort or money into the cause. Renovating a bathroom offers the benefit of not only adding value of the property, but also creating a more peaceful and atmosphere for it. Here are a few good ways in which you can change the outlook of the room with new bathroom installations.

  • Update your cabinets

There are many ways in which you can update your cabinets. If your budget is tight simply changing the knobs and pulls and applying a fresh coat of paint can be enough. If they are however older and you have a larger budget to work with, consider refacing them. You can pick out a new design to the doors in this way. You can also update the storage space by adding more towel rails and hooks.

  • Add new tiles

Updating your tiles is always a good investment. Stick with the traditional design of keeping the floor tiles a darker shade than what is on the wall. Always go for quality ceramic or natural stone tiles.  Invest in heating coils that will keep the floor warm and toasty even when bare.

  • Update your shower

Currently there are very many new designs in shower heads including rain showers and adjustable shower heads. Shop around to see what would best suit your taste and size of the shower. You can also consider updating from curtains to screens. Frameless shower screens in particular feel very elegant. 

  • Consider a bathtub

Bathtubs have a very appealing charm and there is renewed interest in standalone tubs. Whether you want a whirlpool design or a clawfoot tub, it is a worthwhile investment that not only provides you added opportunity to add comfort to the room, but also add value to your property. If you have the space to accommodate this feature in the bathroom, browse for designs that will best suit your current layout.

  • Redo the sink area

This is a great place to introduce beautiful focal features. From splashbacks to ornate mirrors, the sink is a great place to renovate. If space is limited, choose a larger single sink that complements the countertop. If you have plenty of space then you can opt for his and hers designs. Also consider updating your fixtures. Your taps and shower heads can be easily and affordably updated. It will naturally depend on the overall theme of the decor. If looking to add space, always go for simpler linear designs.

It is always advisable to have professional bathroom fitters London come in to do the renovation work. This is because they are more likely to finish the work in good time and to the desired standard. Professionals are also better equipped to quickly resolve any renovation problems that may arise. They can also source for materials for bathroom installation at a cheaper rate than can be found in retail stores.